Health and Sport

by Luxury



Available through Northern Records, iTunes, emusic, etc.


released June 1, 2005

Recorded by Jamey Bozeman at The West Building, Toccoa, GA.


all rights reserved




Luxury have been on the fringes since 1994 making records and playing to an occasional audience. Bozeman, Bozeman, Foley, Black, and Hinton.

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Track Name: Shake More Hands, Give More Hugs
I will try to be more fun
Tell a joke or lie in the sun
Shake more hands and give more hugs
Smile like I did when I was young

For I don't want to die
Without a smile

It's the little things that make our lives this way
It's the sadness of every day
But I'll try to sing more happily and not ruin your day
Track Name: I Have Been Everywhere the Grass Is Green, I Have Seen All There Is To See
I have been everywhere the grass is green
I have seen all there is to see
And though they tried to change my mind
To show me all the happiness of life
I could not see what I might have been or was meant to be

I'd love to believe there was something for me
Where we could just live like living should be

I have been everywhere the rainbow ends
I have heard every word as it is said and said again
And though they tried to give me sight
All I have seen is artificial light
Fluorescent glow, in a lip-synched show with soft eyes

I want to be everywhere the grass is green
I want to see all there is to see
Take my wife across the sea
Smile at everyone we meet
And try to be, try to be constantly
Track Name: Health and Sport
Fire in the garden tonight
Better run for your life
Water has risen too high
Better run for your life
Father has just raised the knife
Better run for your life
Should we give up the fight?
Better run for your life
Track Name: The Four Quartets
The key turns once and locks the door
You, you were here
I saw your signature
I saw the moving leaves
I saw the closing door

Now the priest has called (dressed in his robes)
With memory eternal over the telephone
But I'll have no condolences
Just the meaning of it all

When I was alive, thoughtful and nice
I tried to do what's right
When I was alive, not once but twice
I should have used a knife

I read "The Four Quartets," "The Dry Salvages"
Wrote the words upon my wrist
Wore the clothes upon my back
A life spent in pursuit of it
A life just spent

Now I am here on parade
I'm lying in state
The flags are all half-raised
Ave Maria plays
Oh, it's a fading song
I sing it on and on
Track Name: The Needs of the Many, the Needs of the Few
There will come a time when they must face the things they never dared to face
The needs of the many, the needs of the few, and all that says
Spending all our days inside a shell of anonymity of white
No government or acronym to take our hands and tell us we will be all right

And so our lives go on
Day and night and day

We will hang it on the walls of our homes right beside the photos of our wives
A banner that was made for us for being who we are
Truly ordinary lives

And so our lives go on
Day and night and day
Brothers in fraternity
Societe Anonyme
Track Name: Black Books
Here I read and watch "The Hours" and let the darkness come
A living must be made
"For He shall prosper everyone"
But the voice upon the phone laughs
Tells me to "Have fun"
And it's fun, yes, it's fun
Making war upon someone

They'll write this in the Book of Life above, I know
"Capable of such great heights, such great lows"

I can't go on
I was born to write love songs
But the voice still on the phone says, "We become what we become
Give up
Just give in
Let them shape you as they wish
Be the lamb as it's led out"
Track Name: Biography, Auto-Biography
This one's for the Company I keep
Seven-headed dragon, famous fiery beast
There's a place for you, my friend, at our wedding feast
We'll sing with thee

A hand in the hornet's nest was my defeat
(Tell us something we don't know!)
I wrote these words in haste as I made my retreat
(They're really quite worthless!)
I found a place with you, my friend, at our wedding feast
Now I can sing
I can sing with thee
Track Name: Diary Standard (I See the Signs!)
What is there to say now anyway?
Conversation? conversation
Okay, okay
Make small talk with me
Turn the room away
"The lights are too bright to make love, dear"
The garden at 8?

Where is there an end to modern life?
When I was young, I never did think twice

When to draw the curtain, turn out the lights?
"No, there is nothing wrong here
Does this dress look nice?"
I heard the news, and the news was right
Just you draw the bath, undress, dear
Will you?
I might

Where is there an end to modern life?
When I was young, I never did think twice
Track Name: Strange Flowers
I shall stay at the Red Red Rose
I shall pull the curtain closed
There's a satin comforter
Strange flowers
Strangers have made love there
The light o'er the mirror
The crease of folded paper
I shall lay down upon the sheets and not think

Just sleep
"This is no Holocaust
You sow what you reap"
Just sleep

I shall wake at the light of day
(May the Earth open where I lay)
Convince myself this is no mistake
(A trial by fire is a better way)
Must be there by 9
(Will He forgive a suicide?)
Meet the buyers' needs, manager's greed
(I never wait in line!)
Draw your number and wait in line
(I never wait in line, I never wait in line, I never wait in line)
I shall unfold the clothes
(The lion tears the lamb to shreds because he can, he knows)
I shall keep the curtains closed (And when the curtain falls, our bleeding hearts will finally show)
Then I shall try for a better smile
(Remember) One hand shakes while the other feels for Life
For Life
The feeling of something inside, hidden and disguised
For Life
Somewhere behind suit and tie
Hidden, disguised
Track Name: He Watches Over Thee
All my friends, you're far away, not where we've been,
It's the hand of the Comforter; we asked for this,
As you read the Bible in New York to your kids,
Or as you drive the damaged to the movies then back to bed,
Or as you listen to Hopko and fight elders (you can't win).

He watches over thee,
He watches over thee.

All my friends are far away; I hope you're doing well,
If you lay down in paradise or at the gates of Hell,
If you lay down in paradise or at the gates of Hell.

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